Mysterious UFO Spotted Over Tennessee

Unidentified Flying Object Clipping Path

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever looked up into the clear night sky and seen something extraordinary hovering in the sky? That's what happened to one man in East Tennessee this week when he spotted a strange light flying high above.

A mysterious unidentified object was spotted flying above East Tennessee on Wednesday (May 11) night. According to witnesses, the UFO looked appeared to resemble a circle of lights, per WVLT News. Photographer Nate Nelson, who owns Smoky Mountain Photography Excursions, managed to snap photos of the lights as it hung in the sky. Check out the photos here or in his Facebook post below.

FlightAware, which tracks domestic and international flights, said the object was an Alphabet Loon balloon, which is a massive balloon that was part of a Loon company project aimed in increasing internet access, the news outlet reports. While this seem like a reasonable explanation, a representative for Alphabet said the project has not flown any balloons since last year after Loon shut down. It's unclear who owns the balloons now.

As is the case with online debates about UFOs, commenters couldn't wait to share their thoughts on the strange sight. Many pointed out that it was likely a balloon of some sort while others hopped on the alien bandwagon. One user even channeled Star Wars by saying, "That's no's a space station."

WVLT News reached out to the Federal Aviation Administration to see if they could shed some light on the mysterious UFO seen over the Volunteer State. Unfortunately, they didn't provide much clarity, only saying, "The FAA has nothing out of the ordinary to report."

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