Lainey Wilson Says Her 'Yellowstone' Storyline Will 'Shock' Fans

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Lainey Wilson recently spoke to about her acting debut on Yellowstone Season 5, as well as what fans can expect from her character.

Season 5 is set to welcome some new faces, including a musician named Abby, played by the country singer. This is the first time Wilson has stepped in front of a camera for an acting role. Despite this, the "Things a Man Oughta Know" singer told she was lucky enough to have been given creative freedom when it came to her character's backstory.

"I was given very little character description, and so I kind of made up some things in my own mind," she said. "I just kind of assumed, 'Where is she from?' Of course she's going to sound like this [gestures at herself] and where's someone who sounds like this from? Louisiana."

Lainey was also asked if her character is similar to Walker, played by Ryan Bringham. Like Wilson, Bringham is a musician in real life and plays original music in the series. Although she did not give much away about Abby's relationship to Walker in the new season, she did say "I think you would be shocked to see what happens" when asked if the two characters form a relationship.

Yellowstone Season 5 aires on the Paramount Network on November 13. Tune in to see what happens!

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