Proposed Tennessee Bill Would Add This Pie As An Official State Symbol

Photo: Getty Images

When you think of Tennessee symbols, you may conjure up certain images of the Volunteer State. From the famous Tri-Star flag, symbolizing the three major regions of Tennessee, to official state foliage like the iris flower and tulip poplar tree. A new bill proposed in the Tennessee General Assembly would add to the list, this time declaring a specific pie as an official state symbol.

Rep. Lowell Russell (R – Vonore) recently introduced a piece of legislation that would make pumpkin pie a symbol for the state of Tennessee, per WKRN. The East Tennessee representative's bill calls the "classic" seasonal dessert "an iconic American delicacy" that should be added to growing list of official state symbols.

The bill focuses on the historical significance of the dessert, tracing its history back to 17th century and early American colonists. Because of this, according to the bill, "It is most appropriate that we select the delicious and wholesome pumpkin pie as a symbol of the Volunteer State."

According to WKRN, the state hasn't added an official symbol since designating the Eastern Red Cedar as the state evergreen tree and the Tennessee Coneflower as the state wildflower in 2012. Other symbols include state insects (firefly and ladybug), state sport fish (smallmouth bass), state bird (mockingbird) and state animal (raccoon), among others. Learn more about Tennessee's state symbols at the Secretary of State's website.

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