Morgan Evans Opens Up About Moving Forward After Divorce

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Morgan Evans is looking ahead to a fresh start after his divorce. The country singer-songwriter paid tribute to new beginnings with “On My Own Again,” his latest anthem to release on Friday (March 17).

The lyrics see Evans, 37, loading up his truck and driving away, taking only memories of his ex while leaving everything back at “that house,” presumably that they shared as a married couple. He ponders, “tomorrow when she wakes up, I wonder if she’ll miss me/ This time I ain’t hangin’ ‘round to find out.” Evans pledges to continue to drive forward, getting started with the rest of his life “if forever’s gonna end like that.”

Though Evans’ lyrics acknowledge feelings of loneliness, “On My Own Again” looks ahead to what’s next for him. In an Instagram caption on Friday morning, Evans spotlighted a line in the song: “Long as the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror.”

“I’m gonna drive until the wheels fall of this old truck in my heart/ If forever’s gonna end like that, I guess I’d better start/ The rest of my life, like the best time’s up around the bend/ Oh, on my own again”

“On My Own Again” is the latest post-divorce song Evans has released since “Over For You,” a heartache ballad that he released after splitting up with ex-wife Kelsea Ballerini. The couple announced in August 2022 that they were parting ways after nearly five years of marriage. Evans has since premiered a five-part docuseries focused on his return to Australia and his powerful performance of “Over For You” at the CMC Rocks QLD Festival.

“I wrote this song in November last year — the chorus, at least — and it just felt like the first moment that I stopped looking in the past and really started looking toward the future,” Evans said in a video he shared to Instagram on Friday. “I hope this puts a smile on your face today, and hope you find a way to listen. I would actually recommend listening to this song driving in your car, heading somewhere. That’s kind of what it feels like to me.”

Until you catch it on the radio in your car, listen to “On My Own Again” here:

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