Tennessee Town Named The Smallest Town In The Entire State

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You've read about the most remote spot in Tennessee, but do you know which is the smallest town in the entire state? Sometimes, the biggest surprises come in the tiniest packages, and the smallest town in the Volunteer State is no exception.

Reader's Digest compiled a list of the smallest town in each state, using 2019 U.S. Census information on mostly incorporated towns, described as having legal municipal boundaries, a state charter and local laws and government.

So which Tennessee town is the smallest in the state?

Cottage Grove

This tiny town in Henry County has a population of 86 residents, with RD claiming its name fits its idyllic charm. Here's what the site had to say:

"The name 'Cottage Grove' conjures images of relaxed country life, birds chirping, and flowers blooming — and that's not far from real life in this northwestern Tennessee town of 86 residents. 'I have a garden outside my house,' one resident told a local newspaper last year. 'Most everyone knows everyone in the community.' Still, the residents are looking to reopen the general store, which recently closed, as a diner in order to have a retail business renew interest in the area."

Check out the full list at Reader's Digest to see the smallest towns around the country.

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