Tennessee City Crowned One Of The Best Riverfront Towns To Visit In America

Photo: John Coletti/The Image Bank/Getty Images

You don't have to travel to the coast to enjoy some time in beautiful towns along the water. With millions of miles of rivers around the country, there are plenty of opportunities to explore cities nestled up among the flowing streams, offering both exciting and peaceful visits paired with beautiful views.

Explore.com compiled a list of the best riverfront towns in America that are worth visiting, from bustling hubs like New Orleans to low-key but beautiful spots like Augusta, Kentucky. One Tennessee city even managed to find a spot on the list: Memphis.

According to the site, this city has a rocking history, with music festivals and rock legends calling Memphis home. If you want to step away from the bustling atmosphere of the city, you can spend some time having fun outdoors along the Mississippi River.

Here's what the site had to say about Memphis:

"Memphis, Tennessee, is the home of blues, rock n' roll, and soul music, as well as the former home of Elvis Presley, the legendary king of rock n' roll. But Memphis is also the home of the Mississippi River, where one of the city's most famous music festivals [too] place — the Beale Street Music Festival. [...] But Beale Street, which begins at the river and runs into downtown Memphis, is a music destination no matter the day. Here, you'll find live blues venues, as well as authentic Southern restaurants and chic shops."

Check out explore.com to read up on the best riverfront towns to visit around the country. You can also see our previous coverage of the Tennessee town named among the South's best river towns to retire.

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