Step Two: Showroom Visit

Following my in home consultation, I met with my California Closets designer Laura at the Nashville showroom. We sat down and finalized my custom pantry design.

Laura showed me a 3D view of the pantry's design and showed options to choose for finishes. Seeing the high quality materials in person allowed me to really envision what our finished pantry is going to look like.

I chose to go with a butcher block counter top with white cabinets. Recently I've become a huge fan of wallpaper and I'm excited I'll be able to put some behind the white cabinets to really make the colors pop.

Our pantry can often times be the "catch all" room for our house, so I wanted to make sure there was space for everything we would need on a daily basis. Laura was able to work in a smoothie counter with a built in power station, custom shelving to hold mail and quick grab items AND a closed cabinet for the kids vitamins and medications. I'm telling you this pantry is going to hold it all and be so organized!!!

Check back in the next few weeks to see the tear out of my current pantry and install of the new pantry.

If you're looking to start an in home project or get organized, contact my friends at California Closets Nashville!

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