A Look Into Amy's Closet

I've decided to better my life in 2019, and the first thing on my list is to get organized! 

To start, I'm tackling my master closet. It's so unorganized in there that it takes me way longer to get ready. Finding clothes, you know... the specific outfit I'm looking for, just takes what seems like forever. 

Later this week I'm meeting with my California Closets designer Kylee and I am seriously PUMPED! They do complimentary consultations and I can't wait to see what custom design she creates for me. I already know I'm going to have room for more clothes... Kelly get ready!

This is what I'm currently working with, and y'all this is it CLEAN and organized!

You can see where my side starts... and then just keeps going.

Have you redesigned your closet recently? Drop me a comment below so I can check out what yours looks like!

And if you're thinking of joining in on bettering yourself in 2019 with organization, check out California Closets Nashville!


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