Lunchbox Still Hasn't Paid Back Morgan1 After Lunch Situation

Lunchbox Lunch Debacle

On The Bobby Bones Show last week (June 28) Eddie spilled the tea on Lunchbox about a situation that's going on within the show. There was one night when all of us were working at the studio later then usual and Morgan1 went to get some lunch for everyone. She bought Panera and everyone Venmo'ed her for their food, besides Lunchbox.

Lunchbox said he didn't have Venmo and it should be on work anyway. However, it wasn't ever paid for by work and everyone paid for it themselves. Lunchbox still hadn't paid back Morgan1 weeks later. He says she never reminded him and he doesn't carry cash on him anyways. She said that she did actually remind him and gave him plenty of options to pay her back.

Following up on the situation after the weekend and Lunchbox still hasn't paid back Morgan1. He says the ATM was too busy when he tried to go.

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