Lunchbox And His Wife Fight Over Baby Box's Birthday Gifts

Lunchbox and his wife celebrated Baby Box's first birthday yesterday (July 18). The birthday was a pretty big deal to the two of them since Baby Box had to spend some time in the NICU when he was born. Their celebration included a cupcake that Baby Box stuffed in his face and naturally was all messy.

Then Lunchbox read a book to Baby Box about the night he was born and then gave him a bath. Lunchbox says that Baby Box's eyes showed that he wanted Lunchbox to go play in his soccer game instead of staying at home, so he did end up going to the game.

Another small argument between Lunchbox and his wife came up though, apparently they discussed not buying Baby Box any presents for his first birthday. However, his wife came home from work with a birthday gift just from her. It made Lunchbox really mad because he felt like a bad parent.

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