Amy Says The Raging Idiots Show Was "Funnier Than She Expected"

Bobby Bones and The Raging Idiots played what most would consider a 'hometown show' for them in Austin, Texas over the weekend. With most of The Bobby Bones Show being from Austin, Texas, some of the show went down with Bones and Eddie for their big show.

Amy was one of the show members to go down. She celebrated her son Stevenson's 9th birthday with their family one night and attended the Raging Idiots show at ACL Live the following night. She went with her good friends and husband, posting a photo on Instagram of the four of them with meet and greet passes to hang with the guys backstage. She said that the show was "much funnier than she expected," and at first, Bones was offended.

Then Amy went on to explain that since she spends almost every day with Bones and Eddie, she knew it would be funny, but she wasn't expecting to laugh like she did. She says it was different than anything they've ever done. She loved the mix of comedy, music, and dancing.

If you want to see The Raging Idiots, head over to to get your tickets when they're in a city near you.

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