Rhett Akins Says Son Thomas Rhett Never Stops Writing Songs On The Road

Rhett Akins is currently on tour opening for his son Thomas Rhett on The Very Hot Summer Tour along with Dustin Lynch and Russell Dickerson. Akins stopped by The Bobby Bones Show and shared what it's been like touring with his son, especially as the opening act.

Akins confessed that there are a lot of young people on this tour, but their parents are often with them and their parents are the ones who remember him and his old songs. He joked that he tells younger people to google "Thomas Rhett's dad." Although the younger crowd, Akins says he's having a blast on the road and it's fun because he plays a mixture of songs he had out in the 90s along with songs he's written over the last few years.

After the show is over though, that's not where things end for Akins and Rhett. Almost every night after a show, Rhett wants to go back on the bus and write more songs. Akins says that is all they seem to do on the road: write songs. They have different writers come out on the road with them each weekend to contribute. Akins joked that if you're not on the bus in the mornings by 9:30 a.m. then you may not be included in a song with Thomas because he's already started. This is early for Akins considering he says he's only up early when it's hunting season, otherwise he's waking up at 11:00 a.m. on most days.

Bobby Bones called him the 'original Sam Hunt' because Akins has 29 hits, most of which are recorded by other artists. One of Akins biggest songs is "That Ain't My Truck" and he's not even sure how the story came up in the writing session. It's a true story of him driving by his ex-girlfriend's house in high school and saw another truck in her driveway.

Akins is busy touring with his son and writing songs, but as far as putting out a record, he's thought about it. Akins joked he's 'getting old' though and isn't sure he could make it out on the road to perform over 75 minutes every night. However, there's always a chance that Akins would put one out, if he does, he says he would just drop it for people to stream.

Thomas Rhett has a wildly successful music career now, but when he was first getting started his parents were worried. Akins said that his wife and Rhett's mother hated that he wanted to do music as a career. Akins didn't know if Rhett had the stamina and grind to go out and get crushed a lot as many artists do in the beginning, but he knew he had the talent. Akins also tributes a lot of Rhett's success and staying humble to wife Lauren, he says she's the backbone anytime Rhett is feeling down or out.

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