Ellen Faulkner, CEO of Lewis Communications

Ellen Praytor Faulkner is the first female CEO of the nationally awarded full-service marketing and advertising agency, Lewis. She continues to powerfully shape both the business and culture of the agency. In her second year as CEO, she is continuing to lead the company to grow their clients’ businesses at pivotal moments in their history. Lewis, the “business growth engine,” has over 100 employees that are razor-sharp focused on growth for their clients, their company, and most importantly, their team members. Lewis works with D2C and B2B brands in various industries including outdoor recreation, healthcare, education, lifestyle, and the financial sector.

You will often hear Ellen say, “Growth is beautiful.” Growth, specifically building revenue, is at the core of our mission. Our company is built to ensure that we are growing as a company and our clients are growing too. When given the opportunity to partner with clients that let us utilize our proprietary approach, we are able to transform businesses by making bold decisions with confidence. Being bold and achieving goals, we believe, are beautiful things. We love partnering with our clients in a way that’s immersed in their business. We’re passionate about it, because we love what we do. Ellen says she has found that when people love what they do, they’re usually really good at it: “I believe that’s why we’re able to be successful both with our internal teams and our client partners.”

Lewis has been in the Nashville market for over 25 years. Our business catapulted in this market with HCA and the Vanderbilt Health System, as we helped propel Vanderbilt from 4th to 1st in the market over 20 years ago. Today, the thriving Nashville market is where we’re focused as we continue to look for additional companies to partner with and apply our Informed CreativityTM approach. We specialize in leveraging customized data sources to create more powerful, more relevant, and more targeted messaging that maximizes a company’s ROI. It is a unique approach, and we’re putting it to work for companies throughout Nashville, middle Tennessee, and across the United States. Ellen states, “Nashville is our home, and we want to continue to grow along with our families, friends, and businesses right here.”

Ellen is one of the people who makes the experience of working with Lewis as fun as it is rewarding. She is regarded as one of the nation’s most knowledgeable marketers. She began her career with Lewis over 30 years ago and became one of company’s six owners this past year. She’s an Auburn University graduate, but she believes her biggest education has come from her commitment to constant learning and personal growth. During the week, she’s traveling between the three Lewis offices in Nashville, Birmingham, and Mobile. During her off time, you’ll find her boating, fishing, walking, snapping photos of sunrises and sunsets, and enjoying time with friends and family.

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