Craig Willis, CEO of Eco-Energy


Craig Willis, an industry visionary and seasoned leader, assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Eco-Energy in January of 2021. Craig's journey from the fields of his family farm to the helm of a leading energy company is a testament to his agricultural heritage and the foundation of his commitment to the ethanol industry.

Before steering Eco-Energy toward new heights, Craig held the position of Senior Vice President of Global Markets at Growth Energy, an ethanol trade group based in Washington, DC. In this role, he played a pivotal part in shaping and expanding the US ethanol market both domestically and globally.

With experience spanning over 25 years, Craig's journey began at ADM, where he held various positions in commodity trading and management. His tenure culminated as the President of ADM's Ethanol Business.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Craig is recognized for his dedication to the community, most recently with the creation of the Nashville Ag Club, bringing together peers of the Nashville agriculture industry. He has also contributed his expertise by serving on numerous boards, showcasing his commitment to driving positive change beyond the boardroom.

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