Lunchbox Back From Paternity Leave & Has The "Perfect Baby" With Baby No. 2

Lunchbox is a proud father of 2 boys. Baby Box 2 was born just weeks ago and with little complications.

After having Baby Box 1 in the NICU after his birth, Lunchbox and his wife were thrilled to find out that Baby Box 2 didn't have to spend any time away from them. Lunchbox spent 2 weeks at home with his wife and their new baby boy. Today (March 9) Lunchbox returned to The Bobby Bones Show and shared some Baby Box 2 updates during his time away.

He shared that Baby Box 2 still has his days and nights mixed up, so between him and his wife they're still not getting a lot of sleep. He confessed that his wife has been doing more of the getting up in the middle of the night because she's the one having to breastfeed. But Lunchbox spends plenty of time with Baby Box 2, and he even said that he'll just sit there sometimes and stare at the baby for 30 minutes at a time in awe.

Since this is baby number 2, Lunchbox says they are more relaxed this time around and realize that their baby isn't fragile like they originally thought with their first child.

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