Morgan & Eddie Spill The Tea On Lunchbox Buying Soccer Tickets

Morgan and Eddie both came to Bobby Bones saying they had a secret to spill about Lunchbox.  

When Morgan was taking pictures of Warren Zeiders in the studio the other day, she was standing behind Lunchbox and saw he was buying tickets for a soccer game during the interview! He wasn’t paying attention to the interview at all and was more focused on making sure he joined the queue to get tickets to the Nashville Soccer game that happened Saturday night. 

Eddie then said it wasn’t just during the interview he was trying to buy the tickets, it continued for a few more segments too! While Bones was telling a story, Lunchbox was clicking away trying to get these tickets, and Eddie saw him almost buy tickets that were one thousand dollars!  

Lunchbox admitted he was doing this because Lionel Messi was in town, so he had to go see him play. He said he could multi-task and if Bones had come to ask him a question, he would’ve been able to answer. He had a pre-sale code, but every ticket he clicked on was already taken, or the price was extremely jacked up due to scammers. It was one of the most stressful situations he’s ever been in, and he didn’t get the tickets.

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