The NFL returns tonight, here are some bets that people are making about their favorite teams  this season:

-The odds that Tom Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell voluntarily shake hands on the field before the game:  7-to-2, or a 22% chance.  So, if you bet $100, you could take home $350.

-The odds on Minnesota Viking fans' reaction to Adrian Peterson, when he shows up with the New Orleans Saints on Monday night:  A standing ovation: 1-to-5 (83.3%) . . . boos: 19-to-1 . . . indifference: 50-to-1 . . . none of the above: 9-to-1.

-The odds Aaron Rodgers will still have a mustache. 1-to-3 (75%).  Those are pretty good odds since it looks like he already shaved it off.

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