There's a New Instagram Account That Collects Random Celebrity Encounters

There's a new Instagram account called Overheard Celebs, where they collect people's stories of their random celebrity encounters. They weed through the submissions and only post the ones they think are REAL, and some of them come with pictorial proof. Here are some of the best ones:

1. "I was working on a congressional campaign in 2016, when Anne Hathaway came to speak at one of the Dem headquarters . . . a little girl, probably about 8 or so, said, 'I'm sorry but can I get a picture?' Without missing a beat, Anne replied, 'Don't ever apologize for asking for what you want.' The girl lit up and they took the picture.'"

2. "I was walking my dog outside my office in Hollywood when I sawJane Lynch. She was staring in my direction pretty intensely and then all of a sudden started walking towards me with purpose . . .

"She smiled and said, 'I'm having a rough day. Can I pet your dog?'"

3. "My very first job in L.A. was a set production assistant . . . [Matthew McConaughey] asked me to . . . get him a beer with ice out of his fridge because 'I like to hydrate while I dehydrate.'"