A Cheetos Holiday Cookbook Is on the Way

Earlier this week, Mountain Dew announced a new cookbook where every recipe uses Mountain Dew. But maybe you were thinking, "Whoa, that sounds too fancy." This might be more your speed . . .

Cheetos just announced they're coming out with a holiday cookbook . . . and, yes, all 22 of the recipes involve Cheetos. 

The recipes include things like: Flamin' Hot Friendsgiving Turkey . . . Chester's Kickin' Cornbread Dressing . . . Chester's Cheesy Skillet Corn . . . and Good, Better, Best Pumpkin Pie. And some are available for free online.

If you want the cookbook, you can get it at the Cheetos website by making at least a $35 donation to the World Central Kitchen nonprofit . . . but it's currently sold out.