A Study Found January Is the Best Month to Buy a Used Car

If you're looking to buy a car, right now might be a good time to shop. Especially for USED cars.

A recent study found the best month of the year to buy is January when there are 29% more deals than average. That's MAJOR deals of at least 5% off.

January is first at 29% . . . then February, 22% . . . and December is third.

Also, the best DAY of the year to buy is coming up later this month. Martin Luther King Day on January 18th will have 39% more deals than average.

A few other holidays that usually have deals are New Year's, Christmas Eve, and Veterans Day. But holidays aren't always a good time to buy.

On the flipside, they say the WORST day of the year to buy a used car is the Fourth of July when there are 19% FEWER deals than average.

Father's Day, Memorial Day, and Mother's Day also ranked low.

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