The Top Things We're Sick of Hearing People Say on Zoom

We've been using Zoom for 18 months now, and a new survey found over half of us have been told, "You're on MUTE."

51% of people have been told they need to un-mute themselves. 44% of us feel second-hand embarrassment when we have to tell someone else they're on mute. Here are the top ten phrases we're sick of hearing on Zoom . . .

1. "Can you all hear me?"

2. "Oops, we lost you there for a second."

3. "You're on mute."

4. "Sorry, my connection sucks."

5. "Please mute yourself if you're not speaking."

6. "Ah . . . technology."

7. "I love your background."

8. "Let's talk about it offline."

9. "I'll get it to you by the end of the day." 

10. "Can everyone see my screen?" 

Colleagues having a work meeting through a video call

Photo: Getty Images

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