Most Common Excuse for Not Answering Your Phone Is . . ."It Was on Vibrate"

Someone polled over 1,200 Americans and asked what their go-to excuse is when they get a phone call and don't want to answer it. And the most popular excuse by far is . . . "Sorry, my phone was on vibrate."

The calls we're most likely to avoid are ones we know will be time-consuming. Calls from whiny or needy people are next. Around half of us will also ignore a call if we know it's someone who needs a favor. And 41% of us will avoid calls if we're in public.

It also looked at the top PEOPLE we dodge calls from. And you'd expect family to be #1. But friends are first, then family, coworkers, our boss, and our significant other.

Here are the top five excuses people use after dodging someone's call . . .

1. "I didn't hear it ring" or "It was on vibrate." 63% said it's their go-to excuse.

2. "I had a bad signal." A distant second place with 12% of the vote.

3. "I was in a meeting," 9%.

4. "I was driving," 6%.

5. "I couldn't find my phone," 5%. 

Distracted teenage driver.

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