We Could See a Record Number of Thanksgivings This Year

We might see a new record this year for the most Thanksgivings EVER.

More people feel okay getting together, but still don't want to be around huge groups. So smaller Thanksgivings are a thing again. And it means a record number of Americans plan to host.

47% of Americans say they'll host a Thanksgiving dinner this year, up from 41% a year ago. That's compared to 33% in 2019, before the pandemic hit. (47% means roughly one dinner for every two Americans. But when you factor in Friendsgiving, a lot of us attend more than one Thanksgiving dinner now.)

When you include everything from food to decorations, the average host expects to spend a total of $391.60. That's down 18% from 2020 when everyone splurged . . . but still higher than the pre-pandemic average of around $320.

Making it a potluck can bring the cost down. More than half of people who plan to host expect guests to help cover at least some of the expense this year. Only a third of Thanksgiving hosts said that in 2019.

The average person is expecting 10 guests, and will spend over nine-and-a-half hours preparing. That includes cooking and getting everything else ready.

54% of hosts are "very" or "somewhat" stressed out about it. 46% said not stressed at all. 

I think this Thanksgiving turkey is baked!

Photo: Getty Images

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