MuttNation Monday: Meet Bluebelle!

I MEAN... how sweet is that smile?!?!

Please meet Bluebelle. A 4 year old, 59 pound PitBull Mix. She recently moved to Nashville Humane Association from and out of county shelter partner of ours. The shelter had no previous history on her, just that she was found as a stray. So, during her time at NHA... Dedicated Staff and Volunteers have been getting to know her to help find this love THE MOST PAWFECT FOREVER HOME! 

It was clear that sometime in her past she had puppies. But no more pups for her... All pets at NHA are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and get a microchip. So, no more puppies, and no more being a stray if she ever got lost again 😉 

In the short time Bluebelle has been at NHA, we have all started to fall for her. An amazing personality, but with her being a little bit older and a Pit Mix, she could fall under a difficult to adopt category through no fault of her own. But we're all being optimistic here and feel that once people start visiting her at NHA - They will fall in love with her and want to adopt. 

She's a bit of a clown and her eyes light up with excitement when she sees any human come her way. She truly is 59 pounds of love and happiness filled with drool (which she is happy to share by donating an endless amount of wet kisses to any face she encounters) 

Bluebelle appears to have good potty manners and seems to know the difference between what should be done outside VS inside. And when she's outside smelling all the roses, grass, clovers, etc - She is happy and content. She walks well on the leash but is strong. If she sees a squirrel, she may try to take whoever is walking her along to investigate. So always keep a good grip on taht leash when walking! She also has the athletic ability to climb a chain link fence, so always keep those mom and dad eyes on her when she is off leash! And this girl loves to play. Loves to be by her people. Loves belly rubs. She craves human attention. Andshe deserves it. Because again - She is 59 pounds of love and happiness! 

We could go on and on about this sweet girl who is still so easy to love, but harder to get adopted because of her breed. She deserves a Forever Home like all the pets do. Just look at her. The pictures. The video. She is all kinds of pawfect. And once you meet Bluebelle, you will see that no other dog will ever Love Harder when ADOPTED! 

NHA is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday from 10am - 5pm by appointment only. To schedule an appointment to visit, please go to