MuttNation Monday: Recap!

Since it';s Memorial Day Weekend and we don't have a pup in studio with us like we normally do, we've decided to highlight our MuttNation Monday dogs that are still looking for homes.

We've teamed up with Miranda Lambert, MuttNation and out friends at Nashville Humane Association to help dogs of all kinds find their homes. If you missed any of our Facebook LIVES, here's an opportunity to meet all of our SUPERSTARS!

For more information, visit or head down to the shelter which is NOW OPEN with no appointment needed. Tuesday - Sunday 10a-5p.

First meet Armondo!!

Armondo is 1 1/2 years old and is 43 pounds of muscle! An athletic and affectionate guy who wants all the love and attention a new family may give him. He's a smart fella too: Armondo knows sit, has good inside potty manners, and walks well on the leash once he's calmed down from all the excitement of being outside! He's quite a gentleman once you get to know him, too. He'd been living in a Memphis shelter where he was a favorite. Now he's in Nashville... and you guessed it: also a favorite! Pretty sure once Armondo visits with Wayne D and Tay at The Big 98 thanks to MuttNation - He'll become their favorite too! 

Next meet Smokey!

A 5 year old, 30 pound Terrier Mix. She recently moved to Nashville Humane Association as an owner turn in. Through no fault of her own, just that her previous family could no longer care for her, so they brought us to NHA so OUR FAMILY could care for her until she gets ADOPTED (and then her new family will totally take over that fun task!)

Smokey has lived with us a couple of weeks now and during her time at NHA... Our dedicated Staff and Volunteers have been getting to know her to help find this love THE MOST PAWFECT FOREVER HOME! 

And then there's Ms. Nina Butternut!

Nina Butternut is a 2 1/2-year-old, English Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier Mix, who weighs 62 pounds. She is a spayed female, current on all her shots and is microchipped. This wonderful girl is move-in-forever-home READY! “Nina B” has been thriving in her foster home, but we're ready for her to find the forever home she’s been wishing for. She is our longest-term resident and has been waiting 125 days to be adopted.

Here’s what her Fosters have to say about her: “Nina Butternut is the sweetest thing! All she wants are pets and love from her human and she'll let you know it with the sweetest head nudges! She loves to be comfy and cuddly and hides all her favorite squishy toys in her crate! She'll stare you down with her big ole eyes and steal your heart! Nina also LOVES to be curious outside and is mostly low key but certainly knows how to play!"