MuttNation Monday: Meet Autumn

Allow us to introduce you to a Nashville Humane Association (NHA) dog who's available for adoption and looking for her Forever Home... 

Please meet Autumn. She is a 1-year-old large black lab mix who weighs 64 pounds. And she's not done growing yet... She is still in her "lanky" stage and we wouldn't be surprised if she gains another 10 pounds. Which is all kinds of wonderful. Just more of Autumn to love. And who doesn't love Autumn? It's everybody's favorite season. Paws crossed after meeting NHA's Autumn at The Big 98 - She'll be everybody's most favorite dog! 

Just one look at her and you know she is a black lab mix. Keep looking at her beautiful face and you know there's more to her. Hmmmmm... What breeds is she mixed with? Good question! Hound, Dane, Horse? Who can say? All we really know is that she's totally mixed with sweetness, love, and legs for days!! 

Speaking of her legs - Autumn LOVES to use them! She is an outgoing, energetic, full of life gal, so a fenced yard and daily walks would be fun for her because she seems to always be ready for outside adventures! Just as much as she's outgoing and energetic, she is equally sweet, snuggly, and laid back. Autumn is truly a dog that will pretty much do well in any type of home she moves to. All she asks is for a home with lots of tennis balls. That's right! Fetch is her game. If she could, she would play fetch 24/7. Which is actually good. She has tons of energy. Playing fetch is such a fun way to help her exercise the energy off. 

Did we mention that Autumn is the definition of friendly? If you look in the dictionary of dogs, her smiley face is used as an example. Ok, we're kidding. But still. Play along with us. Autumn would want us to play along. And play. And play. AND PLAY! (then have a drink of water and play some more!) 

So why is she in a shelter? Autumn was recently transported to NHA from one of our community partners which was overcrowded and beyond capacity with pets. Being a large, mixed breed,blackdog, Autumn was getting overlooked. Even though she is a wonderful dog, she was not getting an opportunity to show off how wonderful she is! But now she's at NHA. She's made new friends with The Big 98. And she'll be forever thankful to Miranda Lambert for giving her this "MuttNation Monday" opportunity! 

Paws are totally crossed that after this feature, Autumn will have the Forever Home she dreams of! Please enjoy her pictures and his video. By now you are most likely thinking "AUTUMN IS THE ONE FOR ME" and you're probably right. So, please come meet this amazing dog at NHA!

Once you meet Autumn you will see that no other dog will ever #LoveHarder when ADOPTED! Nashville Humane Association is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10am.

Autumn can't wait to meet her future forever family!​​​

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