MuttNation Monday: Meet Clyde... Again!

CLYDE! He visited with Wayne D Show back in August -BUT- this MuttNation Monday "Alumni" is still at Nashville Humane Association (NHA) looking for his forever #LoveHarder home! So, Wayne, Tay, Kenny, and Clyde, felt a return visit to The Big 98 needed to happen. Of course, Clyde is totally excited about this. Cause this boy LOVES adventures! 

So please allow us to re-introduce you to Clyde...  

Clyde is a Return Adoption. He lived with NHA back in the summer of 2019 for a bit. This spotted cutie was adopted in August 2019, but due to reasons that were no fault of his own, he was returned to NHA this past summer. 

Since Clyde is NHA's longest dog resident, our dedicated Staff and Volunteers are totally reacquainted with him, and all agree: It's time to polite guy THE MOST PAWFECT FOREVER HOME! Clyde has so many fans. He's very easy to fall in crush with. To know him is to love him. Anyone out there reading this: Please don't let the breed "Pit Bull" intimidate you in any way. CLYDE is a total love bug with the sweetest personality! 

A little bit more about this quiet,shy,and friendly guy: 

Clyde is 6 years old, weighs 63 pounds, and has the most soulful eyes. He’s a big and snuggly dog who loves curling up on his dog bed, surrounded by his collection of toys, plus appreciating all the affection one may give him. 

He's a well-behaved fella too! Clyde is housebroken plus he walks right by your side when on a leash and doesn't even tug one bit! Unless he sees a squirrel, of course. Who wouldn't? He's shy when you first meet but patiently get to know him and soon you will find out that he will fill your heart with so much love. Seriously, look at that adorable face. Such a handsome boy who is looking for a forever home. He has lived with other house pets in the past, but he is very selective as to who he wants to be his four-legged friend. Because of that, NHA is recommending that in Clyde's new forever home that he be an only pet. He wants all your love. In return, he'll give you all of his. He sounds wonderful, right? On that note: It's even better to meet him in person! When adopted, Clyde will go home with his very own crate since he does have some separation anxiety tendencies and being crated helps him very much when he feels alone. 

Who will be the lucky one to adopt Clyde?

We could go on and on about this spotted happy tail wagging boy who is so easy to love, but harder to get adopted because of his age and breed. He deserves a Forever Home like all the pets do. His smiling face. Just look at him. He's "pawfect" 

Once you meet Clyde, you will see that no other dog will ever #LoveHarder when ADOPTED! NHA is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10am. Please come visit and ADOPT this wonderful dog! THANK YOU! 

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