MuttNation Monday: Meet Bernice

Last week nearly 300 dogs and cats were evacuated from a facility in West Helena, AR. The facility was shut down by local government and law enforcement for animal cruelty charges. BISSELL Pet Foundation was asked to aid in the evacuation of these pets and get them to safe shelters and rescues across the country where they will eventually be adopted into loving homes. Nashville Humane Association (NHA) sent a team to Arkansas to assist with this rescue. Bernice was one of the dogs transported from Arkansas to NHA. 

Now Bernice on the quest for the loving home she was promised. Which is why she dressed to impress today. Being picked to be this week's Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Monday #LoveHarder feature on The Big 98's Wayne D Show is the most pawfect way for her to win over hearts -PLUS- Get many many many belly rubs from Wayne D and Tay. 

Bernice has lived at NHA for less than a week, yet she's already winning over Staff and Volunteer hearts because of her winning personality! She is outgoing. She is goofy. She is cuddly. And at 86 pounds, this Pit Bull Mix is also a total Cherub. Yup. Currently on a diet. Because this 2 year old hungry hungry hippo needs to lose a pound or 20. (Side Note: Even on a diet with exercised she is still the happiest tail-wagger) 

Because of the neglectful situation she was in, it's not surprising that upon her arrival to NHA we learned she was Heartworm Positive. It's a disease that's easy to control, but timely to cure. Dogs get this disease from mosquito bites. Prevention is easy to get from your vet. NHA will care for her Heartworm treatment at no cost to her future adopters. (Our Vet Services Team will go over a treatment schedule at her time of adoption) Also, all pets at NHA, like the wonderful Bernice, are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. 

It really is amazing. After all she has been through. Plus the deplorable conditions she came from. Bernice has put that all in her past. And still loves all the humans she meets. This is why we love dogs so much. The way they may forget about the past, their willing to forgive, and live for the day attitude. We all need to learn a lesson from Bernice. If anyone out there needs motivation from Bernice - Please come visit her. She loves guests. Especially when they rub her belly. Yup. Belly Rubs. We can't stress it enough. It is her guilty pleasure. 

We could go on and on about this angel who is still so easy to love, but harder to get adopted because of her breed and being HW Positive. But still. She deserves a Forever Home like all the pets do. Just look at her smiling face. She will adore a forever home. And they will adore her. Don't you agree? Once you meet Bernice, you will see that no other dog will ever #LoveHarder when ADOPTED! 

NHA is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday from 10am - 5pm. 

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