MuttNation Monday: Meet Missy

Missy. Not quite sure why she has been at NHA for so long? She is such a sweet and wonderful dog who is filled with LOVE! Molly came to NHA from an overcrowded, out of county, shelter. From the moment she arrived, her tail was wagging, and she had a huge smile on her face. She is one of those dogs where one may think "She's going to get adopted so quickly!" But for some strange reason it hasn't happened yet? She has been here over a month. Which is why we are so very thankful for Miranda Lambert's MuttNation #LoveHarder campaign. Missy totally falls into the Harder To Adopt category. Even if we can't figure out why. Here's to hoping that after today, EVERYONE will have a huge crush on this large, adult, mix breed dog! We just can't wait for her to find the "Forever #LoveHarder Home" she deserves. 

Anyone out there reading this and falling in love with Missy's pictures plus the Facebook Live she did with Wayne D Show's Wayne & Tay on The Big 98... Please know that meeting Missy in person is even more fun! She is such a happy girl. She loves life. There always seems to be a smile on her face. If she's not smiling, that means she must be gazing at you with her soulful eyes. Fun Fact about Missy... When you ask her to sit (and she does 99% of the time) the proud look on her face is so adorable. You can just see that it says "Hey, I know that word! Look! I did it. Now pet me and tell me I'm a good girl!" Fun Fact 2: If she doesn't sit for you, that just means you were unclear, and she took it as "Jump up and hug and kiss me" (which she is also excellent at) 

A little bit more about the sweetest Missy... Her large personality fits his large size. She is a 5 1/2-year-old, Cattledog / Pittie Mix who weighs 40 pounds. She is spayed, up to date on shots, and is microchipped. Missy, even though she is almost 6, is an active dog who is always ready for outside cardio adventures. When you're out and about with her she walks directly by your side and does not pull when on the leash. She loves to stop and sniff all the scents along the way, so pleased be prepared when walking with her that she has a nose filled with curiosity. Missy also has great inside potty manners when kept on a schedule, plus a face that is filled with sweetness. She also gets along well with other dogs. So, if you've got a dog at home looking for a BFF, please bring them to NHA for a meet & greet.

Who will be the lucky one to adopt Missy at NHA? Because this dog would sure love to be adopted by YOU! She is dog who is so easy to love but seems to be harder to get adopted because of her breed mix, age, and size. 

Missy deserves a Forever Home like all the pets do. Once you meet her, you will see that no other dog will ever #LoveHarder when ADOPTED! NHA is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10am. Please come visit and ADOPT this wonderful adult dog. THANK YOU!

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