MuttNation Monday: Meet LUNA LOVEGOOD

It's MuttNation Monday. The best day of the week for an adoptable NHA Dog. Who will get the title for #LoveHarder feature this week? That would be NHA's current longest resident, Luna Lovegood. Hoping that after today this Harry Potter book/movie namesake will cast a magical love spell on you. You'll see Luna's post and want to adopt immediately. It could happen, right? Our paws are crossed it becomes true all thanks to Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation #LoveHarder campaign, which focuses on harder to adopt deserving dogs looking for a forever home. It's time to meet a dog needing extra attention (drum roll please) LUNA LOVEGOOD! 

Luna has lived at Nashville Humane Association since February of 2022. It's almost May. This girl needs her dream to come true already. Why hasn't she been adopted? Is it her breed mix? Her size? Her overbite? Her ears? Not sure... Because everything about her is endearing. For the most part, when people want to adopt an adult dog, they ask for "housebroken and non-destructive" Guess what? Luna Lovegood is both. She also walks well on the leash, is dog friendly, people of all ages and sizes friendly, PLUS is happy 24/7. The only thing destructive about her is her tail. And it's destructive to herself! See, here's the thing: her tail is rather long. When she gets excited to see her human friends is wags fast. Then the whole-body wiggle begins. Then she whacks herself in the face with her tail! True Story. Also: A home without cats, please and thank you. Other than that, and needless to say... she really is a fun dog who is guaranteed to put a smile on your face daily. During all her time at NHA, our dedicated Staff, Volunteers, and Fosters all have a crush on the smiling girl and just can't wait for her to find THE MOST PAWFECT FOREVER HOME EVER!  

Anyone out there reading this and falling in love with her pictures and Facebook Live with The Big 98... Please know that meeting LUNA LOVEGOOD in person is even better! Everyone who meets her raves about how wonderful she is. So again, we just don't understand why she has been here since February and a Gotcha Day hasn't happened yet? Maybe after today this Luna Lovegood's luck will change! 

A little bit more about the sweetest girl... Luna Lovegood's large personality fits her large size: She's a 2-year-old, almost 3, Bull Terrier mix. She weighs 48 pounds -plus- she is spayed, up to date on shots, and is microchipped.  

Luna Lovegood is an active girl who is always ready for an outside adventure and doggie play dates. She has good inside potty manners, and trust us, she will fill your heart with so much love and laughter. She loves being outside and being active just as much as she loves being inside the home, right by your side, getting belly rubs and forehead kisses. 

Fun Fact about Luna Lovegood: She is smart! While most dogs at NHA know that a leash means walk in our backyard time and will pull to those doors with excitement. Nope. Not Luna Lovegood. This girl pulls to our Front Lobby. Because that's the direction where cars are parked. And Wow - Does Luna Lovegood love a car ride! She's been on many, too. She is currently the reigning queen of doggie dates here at NHA. So, if any of you were worried that she's been stuck here at NHA since February, please don't fret too much. She has gone to foster homes for weeks at a time -PLUS- she's "dating" often. If any of you would like to date Luna Lovegood too... learn more about this fabulous short term foster program here: Doggie Dates - Nashville Humane

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