MuttNation Monday: Meet Scooby

We are so grateful to Miranda Lambert's MuttNation and their #LoveHarder campaign. The campaign focuses on supporting shelter dogs who don't easily get adopted, which includes senior dogs, black dogs, dogs with disabilities, dogs with health conditions, and Pit Bull mixes like SCOOBY. Who is almost a senior, has a health condition AND is a Pit Bull Mix. He truly is the perfect example of the underdog MuttNation is rooting for. We are so very happy this wonderful dog is getting this well-deserved chance to be in the spotlight today! 

A little bit more about this relaxed boy, who, once you know him, you love him... 

Scooby is a 6-year-old Pit Bull mix who weighs 43 pounds! He is neutered, up to date on shots, and is microchipped. He was found as a stray and brought to an out of county shelter partner of ours, so we don't know his past or history before moving to Nashville Humane. We do know that he loves tennis balls, stuffed toys, going for leisurely walks, that he gets along great with other dogs here at NHA, and has very nice potty manners.

Please note that Scooby is currently a Foster To Adopt dog here at NHA. Why? Because Scooby has Demodex. The Demodex has led to his slight hair loss and red, flaky skin. He is being treated with medicated shampoo, antibiotics, plus anti-itching meds while under the close care of our Vet Services and Animal Care Staff who, side note / fun fact, would like everyone to know that Scooby LOVES his bath time! Therefore, Scooby has the Foster To Adopt label... We are currently looking for that perfect home for him. Take him home but bring him back to NHA for follow up visits with our Vet Services Team. (These visits will be 100% covered by NHA) Once Scooby is demodex free... Then we can make the adoption official. 

Scooby lives in our Real Life Room on our Adoption Floor, has regular play dates with other shelter dogs here at NHA, plus lots of one on one snuggle time with NHA Staff and Volunteers. Everyone loves Scooby. But disappointingly he's not getting any adoption applications submitted. Scooby may be getting judged by first appearances only. Please... get past his hair loss and meet the beautiful soul behind those angelic eyes. Demodex is not contagious to other dogs under normal circumstances and fortunately, it is not contagious to human beings, either. It just may take months for Scooby to fully recover. And may be the reason why the sweetest, most relaxed, tennis ball loving dog here at NHA is getting overlooked. 

Who will be the awesome human out there to give Scooby a 2nd look and not judge a book by its cover? He surely deserves that opportunity. Scooby is 100% an adult dog who is so easy to love but seems to be harder to get adopted because of his age, breed mix, size, and health status. Scooby deserves a Forever Home filled with so much love. Just like all the pets do. But this guy? He's super special. You'll see that the moment you meet him. NHA is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10am. Please come visit and ADOPT SCOOBY. Also, if you have a dog looking for a BFF, please bring them along when you visit. Scooby would love that! 

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