Muttnation Monday: Meet Dewey

Who's ready for this week's MuttNation Monday featured dog? Please allow us to introduce you to a Doberman named Dewey! 

Dewey is a recent transplant to Nashville Humane Association (NHA) and today is his first official day available for adoption. He came to NHA from a difficult situation: A loving caring home, but unfortunately, he was a lot to care for, so he has moved to NHA to find a new forever home. 

Once you meet Dewey, you may instantly fall in love with him. He also loves when people take the time to get to know him because Dewey craves attention! Anyone out there reading this and falling in love with Dewey's pictures and Facebook Live with Wayne and Tay on Wayne D Show / The Big 98... Please know that Dewey is a total love bug with the sweetest personality. We can't wait for you to meet Dewey in person, take him for a walk, stop and sit with him and then whisper into his ears "Who's a good boy?" Trust us. He will answer you with the sweetest look in his eyes. Seriously. Dewey is such a love! 

A little bit more about this outgoing and friendly guy who has a name that's really fun to say: 

Dewey is a 2 years old Doberman who weighs approximately 55 pounds. He’s an active guy who is always ready for an outside adventure and doggie play dates. He is the definition of "HAPPY DOG" who LOVES playing tug-o-war with rope toys! 

Dewey, like all Dobermans, are very intelligent, learn easily, respond quickly, and make loving and fun companions. However, they are very strong dogs and can become pushy, destructive, and unmanageable if not raised properly. Socialization is key. We're hoping that Dewey's next forever home is one that is familiar with this working breed that demands much attention to become the most perfect family pet. 

Oh Dewey. He's a fun fella. Who is so willing to please! He has good inside potty manners, and trust us, he will fill your heart with so much love and laughter. Never a dull moment when hanging out with him. He's a total clown who feels making all the hoomans laugh is his full-time job! Seriously, look at that face, that smile, those legs, those spatula size paws, and again, that face! Laughter is the best medicine and all of us at NHA recommend a daily dose of Dewey to brighten your day. He is such a wonderful boy who is looking for a forever home. He wants all your love. In return, he'll give you all of his. Who will be the lucky one to adopt Dewey?

We could go on and on about this happy tail wagging boy who is so easy to love, but may be harder to get adopted like some of the other younger puppers here at the NHA. He deserves a Forever Home like all the pets do. Just look at him and all his "pawfectness"

Once you meet Dewey, you will see that no other dog will ever #LoveHarder (or jump for joy harder) when ADOPTED! NHA is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10am. Please come visit and ADOPT this wonderful adult dog. 


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