MuttNation Monday: Meet Tito

"The name is TITO. You know. Like the vodka. He's 2 1/2 years old, weighs 57 pounds and is the biggest cuddler who likes spending lots of time with his favorite people. You know. Like Wayne D, Tay, plus his new MuttNation pals! And especially Miranda Lambert for giving this sweet pibble an "adopt me" featured spotlight! 

Tito is the perfect mix (get it? mix? cause vodka!) of Pit Bull and Chocolate Lab. Sweet, handsome, friendly, plus he seems to think that he fits perfectly in laps. Who knew? But it's true! Tito is totally a snuggly, 57-pound lap dog who loves giving kisses. Tito also loves to play with all the toys and has been working on his fetch game lately. Does he bring back the ball? You'll have to meet him to find out. He's also a sucker for a Kong Toy filled with frozen peanut butter. But then again, who isn't? Right, Wayne D? Right, Tay? Yes. Cause "mmmmm... peanut butter" 

More about this wonderful doggo... Tito is a strong guy with lots of energy, so a fenced yard and/or lots of walks will be good for him since he is always ready for an outside adventure. 

Tito Side Note: Tito walks much better when his leash is connected to a harness verses a collar. 

Tito Fun Fact: Tito is a great, almost instantaneous, friend to other dogs. 

Tito Bonus: Tito is house/crate trained. 


Tito Quote Of The Day: "My name is Tito, and to say I am a big goofball is a severe understatement! I am so goofy and as far as I'm concerned, EVERY DAY is Tongue Out Tuesday! I'm bound to keep you on your toes and am sure to help you get your daily steps in with my love for squirrel searching. So, come fall in love with me! I'm ready to be your forever best friend! PS: I promise to love you forever and make you laugh every single day!" 

Yup. If you’re looking for the perfect mix of snuggly and playful, Tito is your smiling guy!

We really can't stress enough how much he would love a forever home with another dog to play with or at least have regular play dates with. According to NHA Staff, Volunteers, plus his current Foster Family: They ALL say that Tito is truly a wonderful guy. We're really hoping that after this magnificent MuttNation feature - The whole world will think that too! Paws. Are. Crossed. Seriously, folks... Just look at those pictures. You know you want to meet Tito!"  

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