MuttNation Monday: Meet Blue

We are so grateful to Miranda Lambert's MuttNation and their #LoveHarder campaign. The campaign focuses on supporting shelter dogs who don't easily get adopted, including senior dogs, black dogs, dogs with disabilities, Pit Bull mixes, and even the large goofy dogs like BLUE. 

A little bit more about the biggest and bestest boy: Blue's larger than life lovin' paw size fits his larger-than-life luvin' heart. He is an appx 10-month-old, Hound mix who weighs a whopping 70 pounds! And. Still. Growing. He is neutered, up to date on shots, and is microchipped. He's lived with dogs in the past, so if you've got a dog at home looking for a BFF, please bring them to NHA for a meet & greet. Blue would LOVE that! 

Blue had a ruff start before moving to NHA. He and his sister were found together as strays. They were both emaciated. The good samaritan who found them took them into their home and nursed the two back to a healthy weight. Not only were they given food and shelter, but they were both given much needed love. We'll never know why these two puppers were abandoned, but we do know that whatever happened in their past has been forgiven by them and their futures seem bright! Blue's sister has already been adopted, and our paws are crossed that Blue's turn is next. 

His pictures don't really show off his size but trust us: Blue is a BIG DOG! A big active dog with a heart just as large. Give him exercise and he will give you snuggles afterwards. He truly is the perfect example of active. And relaxed. He's smart too. Ask him to sit and he will. Ask him to shake and he will. And when you give him a treat to reward? His big 'ole jowls take from you oh-so-gently. Such a fun personality: Goofy, sweet, and always happy. 

We all love Blue so much here at NHA. Hoping after today, you do too. Everyone at Nashville Humane Association, Miranda Lambert's MuttNation, plus his new Wayne D Show friends, Wayne D and Tay at The Big 98, want the same too: FOREVER HOME! 

Who will be the lucky one to adopt "BIG BLUE" at NHA?

Because this dog would sure love to be adopted by YOU! 

Blue is 100% ready for a Forever Home. Blue is also 100% a dog who is so easy to love but seems to be harder to get adopted because of his age, breed mix, size, and energy level. Blue deserves a Forever Home filled with so much love. Just like all the pets do. But this guy? He's super special. You'll see that the moment you meet him, and he looks at you with his "I LOVE YOU" eyes. 

NHA is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10am. Please come visit and ADOPT Blue. THANK YOU!  

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