MuttNation Monday: Meet Conan

Allow us to introduce you to a Nashville Humane Association dog who's available for adoption and looking for his Forever Home... 

Please meet Conan. He is a 3-year-old Pitbull mix who weighs 56 pounds. He's a favorite here at NHA and our paws are all crossed that after being mister "MuttNation Monday" Conan will be everybody's most favorite dog too! 

More about Conan... He is very outgoing, plus energetic, super fun, and friendly! Basically, Conan is a full-of-life kind of guy. When he sees a leash, he knows 100 % that it's going outside time! He's the kind of dog who would benefit from having a fenced-in backyard for playtime plus long daily walks on the leash for exploring and sniffing! An active person who enjoys outside activity with a BFF by their side would be the best human for Conan. Just as much as he is outgoing and energetic, he is equally as sweet, snuggly, huggy, and kissy. Conan truly is a dog that will pretty much do well in any type of home he moves to. All he asks is for a home with lots of toys that squeak. That's right! Squeaky Toys (especially the Stuffed Toys that squeak) are his favorite. 

Says Conan: “Hi, my name is Conan! I am 3 years old, and I am said to be a 56-pound little tank. I am dog friendly, but I prefer a rough and rowdy playstyle! So, if you have a pup at home that likes a gentler playstyle, I may not be the best fit! My best friend here at the shelter was recently adopted Bowie. Trust me… We could run and wrestle all day! And after playtime? I enjoy a good snuggle and my people to tell me that I'm the best boy ever!

Yes, Conan. You truly are THE BEST BOY EVER! Here's to hoping that that after this feature on The Big 98, you will have the Forever Home you dream of! 

So why is Conan in a shelter? He was recently transported to NHA from one of our community partners which was overcrowded and beyond capacity with pets. Being a large Pitbull, bouncy, energetic dog, he was getting overlooked. Even though he is a wonderful dog, he was not getting an opportunity to show off how wonderful he is! Until today. Conan is tail-waggingly thankful to The Wayne D Show's Wayne D and Tay PLUS Miranda Lambert for giving him this "MuttNation Monday" opportunity! 

Everyone, please enjoy these pictures, and please understand that Conan is even cuter in person! So, please come meet this amazing dog at NHA! Please know that when you do: HE WILL JUMP UP AND KISS YOU! 

Once you meet Jeffrey you will see that no other dog will ever #LoveHarder when ADOPTED! Nashville Humane Association is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10 am.

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