MuttNation Monday: Meet Jack

Allow us to introduce you to a Nashville Humane Association (NHA) dog who's available for adoption and looking for his Forever Home... 

All of us LOVE how Miranda Lambert's MuttNation #LoveHarder campaign focuses on harder to adopt dogs such as The Bully Breed, The Black Dogs and The Older Adult / Senior Dogs because they truly do deserve their own special spotlight. So, without further ado, please meet JACK. A wonderful dog at Nashville Humane Association (NHA) who checks off two of those #LoveHarder boxes. Jack is a 7-year-old Shar Pei mix, who weighs 70 pounds. Even though he is an angel, housebroken, and pretty much perfect in every way, he is getting overlooked at NHA. Which is unfortunate because this adult black dog is totally filled with sweetness and love!

First things first: Those Jowls! They are just so smooshable and kissable. And trust us, Jack loves the smooshes followed by kisses. More about Jack with the perfect face... He is a laid back and chill kind of guy with a get up and go attitude when he notices a leash. He also has the same attitude when he sees a blanket and a squishy bed. Either going for strolls around the neighborhood or lounging around the home - Jack is ready for whatever you want to do! And he will do it right by your side. When he is with his people, Jack is the happiest! He truly is a dog that will pretty much do well in any type of home he moves to. 

One of his favorite things are soft squishy beds. Surrounded by toys. To him that is totally dog living at its finest. NHA Staff and Volunteers do their best daily to hook their favorite puppers up with all his most favorite things. In return? He allows his hooman friends to dress him up in holiday pajamas! And he wears them well. Besides being a patient, go with the flow, kind of guy, we feel that Jack will do well in any home environment: he's comfortable around other house pets, children over the age of 10 years old, and every other thing he meets. Except busses. No offence to public transportation, but to him they are noisy and as far as Jack is concerned, they deserve to be barked at. 

We're excited Jack is making new friends with The Big 98's Wayne D Show. And of course, he'll be forever thankful to Miranda Lambert for giving him this "MuttNation Monday" opportunity! Paws are totally crossed that after this feature, Jack in the PJ's will have the Forever Home we all dream for him! Please enjoy his pictures and FB LIVE video with Wayne and Tay. If you're thinking "JACK IS THE ONE FOR ME" - You must meet in person - So, please come meet this amazing dog at NHA!

Once you meet JACK you will see that no other dog will ever #LoveHarder when ADOPTED! Nashville Humane Association (NHA) is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10am and Jack can't wait to meet his future forever family!​​​ 

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