MuttNation Monday: Meet Snickerdoodle

Attention Fans of dogs with names as sweet as their personality: We've got a dog at Nashville Humane Association (NHA) named SNICKERDOODLE! How sweet is that? She moved to our adoption floor a month ago and all of us are pretty surprised she hasn't been adopted yet. She truly is the happiest dog at NHA.  

Please understand that this happy, sweet, dog has had adoption interest, unfortunately, the person who was 100% ready to adopt Snickerdoodle couldn't because the place they rent from has breed restrictions. Which is upsetting to say the least. But this is a reality for many people who rent. Weight and breed restrictions are just a shame. Which is why we are so thankful to Miranda Lambert's #LoveHarder campaign. It focuses on dogs that are harder to adopt due to age, size, color, or, as in Snickerdoodle's case: BREED. 

But let's not dwell on the negative too much and switch over to the positive about Snickerdoodle. She is the best! To meet her is to love her. You can't help but smile when you're around her. She IS positivity. And proof that people should not judge a book by its cover. Or in her case, what breed she may look like. 

During her time at NHA... Dedicated Staff, Volunteers, Fosters, even members of the public, via Doggie Dates, have been getting to know Snickerdoodle to help find this friendly girl a PAWFECT FOREVER HOME! Wait? Did we say "Doggie Date" ??? Yes, we did! Did you know you can date an available to adopt adult dog here at NHA? You sure can! And Snickerdoodle has been on many. Whenever she returns to NHA after a date her whole-body wiggles with excitement plus she is rested and relaxed. She thoroughly enjoys having the chance to get out and about + being made to feel SO EXTRA SPECIAL! It's a total Confidence Boost 101. The experience is super rewarding for humans too. Want to date Snickerdoodle? Please click here to learn more about this amazing program we offer at NHA: Doggie Dates - Nashville Humane Association

Anyone out there reading this... Please don't let the fact that she looks like a "Pit Bull Mix" intimidate you in any way. Snickerdoodle is a total love bug who becomes your BFF shortly after you introduce yourself. She truly is amazing. Every person she meets becomes her new bestie. And this girl doesn't just wag her tail when she first meets you. Nope. Tail, booty, and body ALL WIGGLE and WAG! We're not kidding when we say she is the happiest dog at NHA. Because she truly is. 

A little bit more about Snickerdoodle... She is a 2 and ½ year old dog who is 50 pounds of muscle and smiles! Snickerdoodle is an athletic and affectionate gal who wants all the love and attention a new family may give her. She has excellent inside potty manners and walks well on the leash once she's calmed down from all the excitement of being outside. She is so gentle, too. Kisses on her forehead are very much appreciated by her. 

Pretty sure when Snickerdoodle visits Wayne D and Tay at The Big 98 thanks to MuttNation - She'll become their new favorite! And many kisses on the forehead will happen. Seriously, look at that adorable face. That amazing smile. Those ears that seem to have a mind of their own. Just everything about her. Such a wonderful dog looking for a forever home. All she wants is love. In return - She will love you unconditionally! 

Who will be the lucky one to adopt Snickerdoodle? 

Please Note that Snickerdoodle is Heartworm Positive. It's a disease that's easy to control, but timely to cure. Dogs get this disease from mosquito bites. Prevention is easy to get from your vet. And our Vet Services Team will go over her treatment at her time of adoption. Also: All pets at NHA, like Snickerdoodle, are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. 

We could go on and on about this happy girl who is still so easy to love, but harder to get adopted because of her breed mixture and being HW+. But still. She deserves a Forever Home like all the pets do. Just look at her and all of her "pawfectness" - She will adore a forever family. Don't you agree? 

Once you meet Snickerdoodle, you will see that no other dog will ever #LoveHarder when ADOPTED! NHA is open for adoptions Tuesday through Sunday from 10am - 5pm. Please come visit her


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