MuttNation Monday: Meet Misti

The best Monday Motivation EVER is our weekly MuttNation Monday feature thanks to the #LoveHarder partnership we have with Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation + The Big 98's Wayne D Show. MuttNation's Love Harder Campaign focuses on the harder to adopt shelter pets. The Pit Bulls. The Seniors. The pets with Black Fur. And more! Basically, all the pets that are harder to adopt / needing extra exposure to help them find the forever home they deserve. 

Which brings us to Misti. Since moving to NHA several weeks ago NO ONE has expressed any interest to adopt her. Even on days when there is much foot traffic at NHA (Friday's, Saturday's Sunday's) not one potential adopter has stopped by to say "HI" to her. Which is sad. Luckily Misti never feels lonely. Staff and Volunteers make sure she gets the attention she craves.  

Misty is a shy and quite dog. We've seen her wag her tail. But we've never heard her bark. And most likely why she has been overlooked. People walk by and don't even realize she is there. Paws Crossed today's feature will help get this one-and-a-half-year-old, 41-pound, love get noticed. 

As described by her Staff and Volunteer friends here at NHA: "Misti is a gentle and sweet-natured pup who is initially shy but warms up quickly once she feels comfortable in her surroundings. With her big brown eyes, she is a real beauty and has a heart of gold. Although Misti can be timid at first, she has a heart full of love to give to her humans. She is a loyal and affectionate companion who loves nothing more than snuggling up on the couch for a good cuddle. Once she feels safe and secure in her home, she will quickly become your loyal and loving friend. Misti thrives in a calm and peaceful environment, where she can feel relaxed and at ease. She enjoys spending time with her humans, but also likes to have a quiet space of her own where she can relax and recharge. She is not a fan of loud noises or sudden movements and prefers a gentle and predictable routine. One of Misti's favorite things in the world is peanut butter kong's. (She could spend hours licking and chewing on one!) She also loves going for long walks in nature and exploring new sights and smells. Overall, Misti is a sweet and gentle soul who is looking for a patient and understanding human who will provide her with the love and security she needs to thrive. With a little patience and a lot of love, Misti will become your faithful and loving companion for life!" 

Doesn't she sound worth a visit? We think so, but of course we are partial. 

Are you reading about Misti and want to spend some quality time with her? Please say "YES!" We are open for adopts Tuesday through Sunday from 10am-5pm. She lives in our Pet Of The Week Room here in our Front Lobby. She is the FIRST dog you will see when you walk in our doors. Hang out in her room. Patiently wait for her to open up to you (tail wags and rub my belly roll overs are the first sign) then put a leash on her and take her our for some fresh air and sunshine in our backyard. All we ask is that you give her time. She will open up once she trusts you. And once you see that transformation happen in her eyes, we trust that you will fall for her at that exact moment in time. Also, when you do fall in crush but want to be 100% sure, ask our front desk about doing a "ROVERNIGHT" aka sleepover at your house with Misti! We'll supply the food and treats. You supply the snuggles and get to know you time. 


A Fun Fact PS: Starting tomorrow at 10am, Tuesday, March 7th and happening through Sunday, March 12th until 5pm: ADOPTION FEES AT NASHVILLE HUMANE ASSOCIATION ARE SPONSORED BY Mars Petcare US!!! We are so grateful for a week of "March Right In" adoptions with paws crossed this will help our current overcrowding situation here in our shelter, in foster, and with Miss MuttNation Monday Misti! 

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