MuttNation Monday: Meet Blue

Please allow us to introduce you to a Nashville Humane Association (NHA) dog who lives up to his name: BLUE! Yup. He'll stare you down with those heterochromia eyes of his and steal your heart! What is heterochromia? It's when a dog (or any animal... including humans!) has differently colored eyes. So, we must ask... Which one is your favorite? His baby blue or the chocolaty brown? (side note: there is no wrong answer to this question) 

So why is Blue in a shelter? Unfortunately, Blue was abandoned by his owners. This poor guy was let loose in a parking lot moments after his (former) people visited NHA to inquire about our pet admission policy/making a future intake appointment with us. As you can imagine, all of us at NHA were very disappointed he was disgarded like this. Especially when after we sat and explained to his (former) people the proper process on how Blue may be surrendered to us. Sadly, that's not how his admissions were managed. Thankfully, between our friends at MACC + NHA Staff, we were able to safely get him off the streets and into our adoption program. On the bright side of his abandonment and why humans sometimes don't deserve dogs: Blue's personality forgave the unforgivable act done to him and still trusts all the humans he meets. Blue is that perfect example -PLUS- one of the many reasons why we are so very thankful to Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation #LoveHarder campaign. This weekly feature at The Big 98 focuses on the underdogs and the harder to adopts. Just. Like. Blue.  

More about this good looking puppers: Blue is a fun-loving dog who is filled with curiosity when he's outside and he certainly knows how to play! When he sees a leash, the tail starts wagging and he is ready to go! This boy LOVES people and wants to be hanging out right next to you. He's extremly dog friendly, too. Everyone Blue has met at NHA (Staff, Volunteer, Shelter Dogs) instantly become his friend. 

Just like Casper is the most friendliest ghost you'll know, the same goes for Blue. He's the friendliest Pitbull Dog you'll know! Which is why he is this weeks feature MuttNation Monday with our Wayne D Show friends. Blue truly breaks the negative stigma the PittBull Dog Breed has. 

Blue sounds pawfect because he is. Words we've heard at NHA to decribe Blue: Goofly, sweet, lovable, active, slug, gassy, drooly, jumpy, active, happy, silly, stocky, cute.... and MORE! Basically, think of all the characteristics you want in a dog and Blue will have it! 

Through no fault of his own, Blue is here at NHA looking for a forever home. 

We are truly hoping that after today, Blue will find a loving forever home, or a temporary foster home to spoil him, that he oh-so-much deserves. Yes. Adoption OR Fostering! Blue is a 2-year-old Pitbull mix that is looking for a forever home BUT to give him a little break from shelter life, he is also eligible for foster, and we are currently looking for an amazing foster ambassador to take him in! More about being a NHA Foster Ambassador: Sometimes super solid dogs in shelters (like Blue) get overlooked for a variety of reasons and that’s where our Foster Ambassador program comes in and here’s how - Foster Ambassadors provide a dog with a much-needed break from the shelter (even the most adjusted dog can start to experience kennel stress) and while in foster the dog is featured on our website, social media and of course to the fosters very own network of friends! As the foster ambassador you get to facilitate meet and greets and help your foster dog meet his or her new family! It really is the coolest program and allows for us to extend our adoption program beyond our facility. Please email if you are interested in fostering this handsome dog!

OK - Foster or Adopt - Who wants to meet Blue? Please head on over to NHA and visit him! He loves making new friends. Thank you!"  

Name: Blue

Age: 2 years old 

Gender: Neutered Male 

Weight: 48 pounds 

Breed:  Pitbull mix 

Link On Website: Blue - Nashville Humane Association 

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