MuttNation Monday: Meet Ziggy

Monday's can be a little "Ruff" -BUT- not when it's "MuttNation Monday" at The Big 98 with ZIGGY and The Wayne D Show! Ready for the next #LoveHarder feature? Fun Fact: Last week's feature (BLUE) has been adopted and Spoiler Alert: Ziggy (the next to be featured) is a super-duper doggo who's more than ready for his forever home. Want to learn more? Please keep reading... 

We all LOVE how Miranda Lambert's MuttNation #LoveHarder campaign focuses on harder to adopt dogs such as The Bully Breed, The Black Dogs and The Older Adult / Senior Dogs because they truly do deserve their own special spotlight. So, without further ado, please meet ZIGGY. An adoptable Nashville Humane Association (NHA) dog who checks off two of those #LoveHarder boxes. ZIGGY is a 7-year-old American Pit Bull Mix, who weighs 60 pounds. Even though he is an angel, housebroken, and pretty much perfect in every way, he is getting overlooked and no one has reached out to meet him in the 30+ days he's been here at NHA. Which is unfortunate because this older dog is a total gentleman in every way.

Currently get a break from shelter life, Ziggy is currently living in a foster home. Here's what his foster family has to say about Mister Wonderful: “For those out there looking for a laid-back companion, look no further because we have the perfect dog for you! ⁠Ziggy is the most chill dog you'll ever meet. He's a master of the art of napping and can doze off anywhere, anytime, without a care in the world. His expression hardly changes, but that's just because he's too relaxed to get worked up about anything.⁠ Ziggy also comes with impeccable manners. This 7-year-old good boy is house-trained AND crate trained. He's a friendly co-exister with other dogs, preferring the company of more gentle and easygoing friends. And he's a pal to all of the kiddos, too. It's all Zen in Ziggy's world. ⁠Let Ziggy teach you a thing or two about slowing down and savoring each moment!”

Oh Ziggy. You're just the best. Paws Crossed someone out there is reading this right now and wants to know more. On that note, if Ziggy looks and sound like a doggo you’d like to meet, here's how: Please submit an inquiry here: Ziggy - Nashville Humane Association. Once we receive a member from #TeamNHA will be in contact to set up a visit between you and your future BFF, ZIGGY! 

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