MuttNation Monday: Meet Nova

It's Muttnation Monday! Everyone, please meet a 1-year-old, German Shephard / Husky mix, named NOVA. 

Nova, a wonderful dog with a heart full of love. When you first meet, she might seem a little shy, but that's just because she's getting to know you. People always say she's really smart and super sweet, and they're absolutely right. Nova loves to play with other dogs who like the same kind of games she does. She enjoys playful chasing and gentle interactions. It's her way of having a great time. 

Our amazing staff and volunteers have spent time with Nova, and here's what they have to say: "Nova becomes lively, playful, and cuddly once she warms up to you. She adores going for walks and cooling off in the creek. When you're busy, she settles down and patiently waits for you to play. She's also very affectionate and loves showing love." All it takes to see Nova's true personality is a little time, some treats, and toys. But most importantly, she needs a loving family who understands her. 

Nova is ready to shower you with endless love and become a cherished part of your family!

Could it be yours? 

All of us at NHA LOVE how Miranda Lambert's MuttNation #LoveHarder campaign focuses on harder to adopt dogs such as Nova. Our Paws are crossed that this feature will help NOVA find the forever home she dreams of. Want to meet? She has lived here for almost 3 months and is more than ready for you to visit NHA, fall in love, and ADOPT! Thank you.

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