MuttNation Monday: Meet Reese

It's Muttnation Monday! Everyone, please meet Reese, an adorable dog, with the biggest smile, who is looking for her forever home. 

Reese is a 1.5-year-old sweetheart, petite Pit Bull Mix, who weighs 34 pounds. She arrived at Nashville Humane with her puppies, which we are happy to say, have all been adopted. And now? It's Reese's turn!  

When it comes to smiles, Reese wins. Her face lights up the room. With or without the cone-of-shame (which by the way, she is no longer wearing) She is also a body wiggling kissy monster. The love and affection she gives... it's truly the best feeling. Having a bad day? Reese WILL make it better!

Reese finds joy in playing with her toys, but what she truly adores is the warmth of human touch. When you pet her, she shows her love by leaning against your leg, seeking comfort and closeness. She's a bit of a clown too. She loves rolling around on the grass when she goes for walks, plus tossing her collection of stuffed toys in the air just waiting for someone to play tug-o-war with her. She will never turn down a treat, either. And she really has the most loving eyes. The moment she looks at you - She makes you feel like you've known each other forever. If you're seeking a loving and loyal companion who will cherish every moment spent together, Reese is eagerly waiting to bring love, warmth, and happiness into your life.

Reese is ready to move on from her NHA Family and shower her new Forever Family with affection and create a bond that will last a lifetime. Could it be with you and yours? 

All of us at NHA LOVE how Miranda Lambert's MuttNation #LoveHarder campaign focuses on harder to adopt dogs like Reese. Our Paws are crossed that this feature will help Reese find the forever home she dreams of. Want to meet? She has lived here close to two months and is more than ready for you to visit NHA, fall in love, and ADOPT! 

Thank you. 

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