College Student's Donut Hustle is Shut Down


An enterprising college student was smuggling delicious Krispy Kreme donuts across state lines.

Minnesota doesn't have any Krispy Kreme locations, so 21-year-old Jayson Gonzalez had an idea. He drove 270 miles to the closest Krispy Kreme store in Iowa every weekend to load his car up with boxes of donuts. He would then re-sell the donuts to Twin Cities residents for approximately $20 a box, and sometimes even as much as $100. But Krispy Kreme was not happy about this business. After Gonzalez was featured in the local newspaper for his operation, Krispy Kreme reached out to him and ordered him to shut it down due to liability issues. Gonzalez told his customers on Facebook that he "figured it would come eventually."

Two takeaways form this story:

1) College kids are smarter than we think.

2) People will do anything for a good donut.

Photo: Getty Images

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