Will Smith Burned With "Entanglement" Joke...And Admits It's Funny

I'm gonna predict that by the time he dies...WILL SMITH is gonna be SO SICK of the word "entanglement". But he did get a laugh out of it the other day.

Will posted a video of himself jumping rope, with the camera attached to the rope. And he said, quote, "Have any of y'all ever wondered, 'What does the rope see when you jumpin' it?'"

Then he proceeded to jump rope...and only got it around three times before hitting himself in the shin.

Well, some wise guy burned Will good, saying, quote, "Ok don't get entangled."

And Will had to bow down. He replied, quote, "Hahaha...Okay...I can admit it. That's funny! I'm definitely gonna block you. But the joke was Very Funny!"