In The Feels: These Dogs Were Finally Found But You'll Never Guess Where

Three rescue dogs from Texas -- a dad and his two pup sons -- all got back together in New York City ... by total random chance.

The dogs, Murray, his dad Marvin and his brother Leo lived together in Texas before being adopted by different people in New York City.

Marvin was out for a walk when he stopped to check out another dog -- which turned out to be Leo. The owners of the dogs were surprised that the encounter was so friendly. After the strangers asked each other a few quick questions, they realized that both Marvin and Leo were from Texas. And, from the looks of things, they were related. Sure enough, it was father and son, together in the big city.

Things got even more bizarre when it was discovered that a friend of Leo’s owner had adopted the other brother -- Marvin.

Phone numbers were exchanged and the owners were able to get all three dogs together for a very unlikely family reunion.