Maren Morris Shares Details About The Day She Found Out She Was Pregnant

Maren Morris Shares Details About The Day She Found Out She Was Pregnant

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd recently revealed they are expecting their first child, a baby boy. When Morris found out she was pregnant, she wanted to share the news with her husband in a special way.

In a recent interview, the "My Church" singer revealed that she was at home in Nashville when she found out the news. Given her talent and love for music, Morris decided to write a song about it. "I wrote a song-- I had a co-write the day that I took the pregnancy test," she shared.

Morris, who was thrilled about the news, couldn't keep it to herself for long, she had to tell her husband right away. "I told him first," she said. "I called, because I was on my way to the write, and he was at like a fitting or something. But luckily we were both in town so we could celebrate that night. We were so excited."

Since publicly sharing the new back in October, Morris has shared updates as the pregnancy has progressed. Recently she shared a heart-melting sonogram video of her baby boy "waving" to her in the womb. "That was a real thing," she said. "It wasn't animated!"

"It was almost like he waved at me 'Good luck,'" the singer adds. "It choked us up because it was like, oh my God, he's actually moving in there ... it's a person, and we're just so excited to meet him."

While waiting for the arrival of their baby in 2020, Morris and Hurd are in full preparation mode, turning to friends who are parents for advice.

"They’re sharing stuff from their experience, and I’m trying to wrap my head around that," Hurd says before adding that he also hopes to get some help from family. "My parents live in Nashville and they have their nursery already set up before we do," he shares.

Although this is the couple's first child, Hurd is already sure of what kind of mom Morris will be. "She's able to fully concentrate on becoming a mom for the first time," Hurd says. "She's going to be great."

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