Maren Morris' Son Adorably Watches Her Perform: 'He Loved It'

Maren Morris' Son Adorably Watches Her Perform: 'He Loved It'

Maren Morris' Son Adorably Watches Her Perform: 'He Loved It'

Maren Morris' son is her biggest fan!

The country star's husband, Ryan Hurd, turned to Instagram on Wednesday (October 21) to share several photos of their nearly 7-month old son, Hayes Andrew, adorably watching Morris perform for the first time.

The first shot shared shows Hurd holding his son as they stand right in front of the stage at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium watching Morris perform for her virtual concert series. "Watching mom for the first time," Hurd wrote alongside the photo. "Only 2 people in the Ryman. I had years in my eyes the whole show. He loved it."

The second photo features Hayes sitting with headphones on, fully focused on his mom's performance.

"Just the boys watching the girl," Hurd wrote. "Tried to tell him that these things don’t happen, but he doesn’t really know English yet so someday I’ll have to explain that his first show was just me and him in an empty Ryman watching his mom make magic."

See both snapshots below!

Morris and Hurd welcomed their baby boy in March of 2020. The "Girl" signer recently opened up with People about life as a first-time mother, revealing she hit the parenting jackpot with Hayes.

"Ryan and I are both pretty laid back. We kind of lucked out having a very chill baby," the singer told People. "We’re pretty chill people, so maybe that’s reflected in our kid. We’re learning every day."

Of course, there are still some habits that the first-time mom and dad are trying to break. Morris goes on to explain that they have to watch the way they speak to Hayes and the way they speak to their two dogs, June and Pancake.

"There are habits we're trying to break. Like, not talking to him in a high-pitched baby voice is so hard, but I don't want to talk to him like I do my dogs," she said. "I was reading a French parenting book [that said] your kid isn't the boss, you are. That's been a thing we're trying to stick by."

At 6-months-old, Hayes is starting to expand his diet a bit, which Morris says hasn't been much of an issue.

"We have started him on some baby food," she said. "He's been pretty good with everything we've given him, so hopefully we don't have a picky eater."

The "Girl" also singer explained that Hayes is getting close to reaching yet another significant milestone. "I feel like he's just about to start to crawl," she added. "He's getting his butt in the air — I feel like he's about to launch forward!"

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