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Morgan Wade Calls Her Mom 'A Good Time'

Morgan Wade's powerful debut album, 'Reckless' walks the line between vulnerable and visceral lows and easy-listening highs with a talent for storytelling that appeals to everyone.

Her single, "Wilder Days," serves as a sweet reflection for youth and questionable choices.

In an interview with Cody Alan, Morgan reveals that she sometimes wonders about her parents and their "Wilder Days." Fortunately for her, her mom is happy to overshare.

"My mom, she is a good time!" laughs Morgan during the interview.

"I just remember, she was always going to concerts and stuff when I was younger," says the star. "She's been on a lot of tour busses and made a lot of friends."

"She was a single mom and a very beautiful woman," Morgan admits with a smile. "She got a lot of free tickets to shows."

"She likes to remind me of that sometimes, too," teases Morgan. "She's like, "You know, I've been on tour busses before!" and, "I'm like, "Alright, mom! That's cool." She is going to kill me when she hears me say that, but it's fine mom nothing is sacred anymore."

Morgan's sense of humor knows no bounds. Here's our favorite mother / daughter tweet from the past year!

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Watch the official music video for "Wilder Days" by clicking the link below.

Photo Credit: David McClister / Sony. 

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